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when did tumblr collectively decide not to use punctuation like when did this happen why is this a thing

it just looks so smooth I mean look at this sentence flow like a jungle river

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what if you woke up with amnesia and all you could remember was your tumblr password and you had to discover who you were based off your posts


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“I get it.You have no idea how much i get it.
Complicated brother? Check.
Complicated ex? Check.
Too complicated to even contemplate dating? Check.

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“Some of the those “uncomfortable truths,” when spoken, will draw audible gasps/empathy groans from fans. The script certainly elicited a response from Holt. “I was so excited, I texted [showrunner Julie Plec] immediately after I read it, and I was like, ‘Ohmygosh, thank you so much. I love this episode,’” Holt says. “It was one of the few moments where Rebekah truly is in control and she loves that. It was so fun to play this ‘Truth or Dare’ game. It was one of my favorite episodes.””

Claire Holt (via becauseiamthatselfish)

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daddy daddy! tell us a text post before bed

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One Direction at Madison Square Garden 12-3-12 [x]

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“I was in the closet.”

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you could give me 43 years to do homework and i wouldnt do it until the night before

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That feeling when someone’s reply takes 29399348 hours and the only thing they’re gon’ say is ‘K’…


Okay, bitch I waited for that letter?!


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four random fetus pictures of niall x